African Hardwood Cladding

African Hardwood planks made from shipping dunnage of multiple hardwood species with varying colors. Colors range from creamy whites, golden yellows, amber to mahogany and various brown tones. Some reclaimed marks include nail holes, staining and surface checking. The tongue and groove plank is constructed with a layer of the hardwood strips fused to a plywood backer. Product is 5/8” thick, 5 1/2” wide, in random lengths 2’ to 8’. Available with a smooth or naturally textured face with Clear, Ash, or dark Brown finish.

Clear: Our waterborne varnish is durable, low-VOC and available in several sheen options.Standard sheen: satin.

Ash: The transparent medium gray stain infuses cool undertones while the variation of color is maintained given the multiple wood species.

Brown: This brown color produces various shades of consistent, dark chocolate brown.

Spec sheet

African Hardwood Cladding

Sample Size

All samples are approximately 4" by 4". Larger sample sizes are available on request.

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